Rookie Watch: Liuget suits Chargers

When the Chargers drafted Corey Liuget in the first round, it raised some eyebrows.

Liuget is a penetrating and explosive 3-technique type of defensive tackle who few saw as a fit in the 3-4 as an end. But the Chargers' version of the 3-4 is much more penetrating and active than most. Instead of asking their ends to hold the point, they want to get these players in the backfield.

Liuget is perfect for such duty. His statistics were not remarkable in his first game (two tackles), but Liuget and his teammates held Vikings QB Donovan McNabb to a measly 39 yards passing. As Liuget learns his new trade, he can be a force as an interior pass-rusher on throwing downs.

The Chargers added a playmaker at each level of their defense this offseason by drafting Liuget and signing Takeo Spikes and Bob Sanders for the second and third levels, respectively.

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