Redskins relieved to end disrespect

ASHBURN, Va. -- Mike Shanahan is happy to be hearing jokes, rather than disrespectful comments, from Albert Haynesworth.

Shanahan gave his much-delayed response Sunday to the defensive lineman's biting postgame comments from earlier this month, when Haynesworth essentially said his medical condition had been underplayed by the coach in order to make the Redskins look good and Haynesworth look bad.

"I think everybody would like to be liked, that's part of being a head football coach," Shanahan said. "But you want to be respected as well. I've got a job to do, and Albert's got a job to do, and his job is to be the best football player he can possibly be, and it's my job to see to it."

With that out of the way, it was time for levity. Haynesworth finally played nice after Friday night's game against the New York Jets, joking that he was heading to Shanahan's house for dinner and a cigar and that he didn't even remember his searing remarks from the week before.

Shanahan's comeback on Sunday: "Well, he made me buy the drinks and the cigars."

Haynesworth also said he saved Shanahan's life "from getting hit in the head with a ball" during the game.

Shanahan's version of the story?

"He did. He did. He yelled 'Look out!' at the last second," Shanahan said. "It landed about two feet from me, and I looked over and I said, 'Hey, I didn't know you cared.' I actually got him to smile a little bit."