The next 10 steps in the Buffalo Sabres' rebuild

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Buffalo Sabres were the biggest movers and shakers at the NHL draft, coming away with a new No. 1 prospect, No. 1 goalie and No. 1 center. They accelerated the clock on their rebuild timeline and have become a hot pick for the team likely to improve the most from last season to next.

However, the rebuild isn't over yet. The Sabres have a long way to go from 54 standings points to a potential playoff spot.

What's next? Let's examine 10 steps Buffalo will have to take in order to be a competitor:

1. Sign Jack Eichel

The Sabres selected the Boston University forward with the second overall pick in the draft, giving them a powerful center who should be able to step into the NHL right away. Eichel has been mum on whether he will join the Sabres or return to BU, but he would be insane to return to college after winning the Hobey Baker Award as a freshman.

Prospects of his ilk in the past, such as Steven Stamkos and John Tavares, went directly to the pros, and Eichel is likely to follow. Sabres general manager Tim Murray just has to get his signature on a contract. That shouldn't be much trouble considering Buffalo was the worst team in the league last season and will be able to provide plenty of ice time to their top pick.