Top 30 NHL draft prospects

Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine are two of the top prospects available in the 2016 NHL draft. Getty Images

The following is my midseason assessment of the crop of players available this June for the 2016 NHL draft, including an overall assessment of the class and profiles of my top 30 prospects.

I have seen just about every player listed in the top 30 live in the past six months, and many of them several times; additionally, I have regular conversations with scouts and executives. My analysis incorporates this information on top of statistics, adjusted for age, league, position, randomness, other important contextual information and any other important background information I've procured on a prospect.

The 2016 draft class is one I'd describe as average. Top prospect Auston Matthews is a standard No. 1 overall prospect, arguably with a lean to being above-average in that cohort. The top 3-5 group is good, with this draft lacking a little bit on the depth side toward the end of the first and into the middle of the second round. This is a very strong draft class for the USA and Finland, and one of the weakest Canadian crops in a long time.