Ranking NHL future franchise goalies: Carter Hart and the next wave

Carter Hart will be a mainstay in Philadelphia's crease for years to come. Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire

Goaltender is the most volatile and unpredictable position to analyze in hockey scouting, and it's nearly impossible to comfortably project. That's especially true when it comes to indicating a team's franchise goalie of the future.

With the help of an NHL goalie analyst, here's how the next wave of building-block franchise goaltenders is shaping up, accounting for all 31 teams.

1. Carter Hart, Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers think they have the solution to their long-standing goalie problems. Hart has performed remarkably well at the NHL level, despite a tepid debut with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in the AHL. Having easily navigated the jump to the top level, Hart now has to sustain his performance over a full season in 2019-20 to show that he can solve Philadelphia's goaltending woes once and for all.

Every goalie needs a good mental base, and Hart seems to have it. His focus is sharp, his confidence is difficult to shake, and he exudes calmness. On top of that, his anticipation skills are at a high level, showing great hockey sense. In junior, Hart always made the saves look easy. He is spindly and flexible but doesn't have to rely on power or acrobatics to make the save. He's just smart and always in position. And when he finds himself in trouble, he battles through it.

Hart has all of the tools, but much will be expected of him at a very early stage in his career. We won't know if he has the goods to meet those expectations until he actually goes through it, but it's safe to say the Flyers won't be setting any more records for goalies used in a single season.