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Wednesday, January 22
Updated: January 7, 12:24 PM ET
Fleury being evaluated after incident at club


CHICAGO -- Theo Fleury met with doctors Wednesday as they attempted to assess his situation after another off-ice incident involving the Chicago Blackhawks star right winger, who is being treated for alcoholism.

Theo Fleury

Doctors supervising the NHL-NHLPA's joint Substance Abuse and Behavioral Modification Program met with Fleury and Chicago management to determine if indeed Fleury did violate his after-care program and to what extent, if he did.

Fleury is in Phase Two of the program and it is up to doctors to determine if he should be put in Phase Three.

Being in that category means an automatic, minimum six month suspension without pay from the NHL.

Chicago general manager Mike Smith told Toronto radio station The Fan 590 Wednesday night that the Hawks were dealing with the situation in private, but did confirm Fleury had met with doctors.

"We put out a statement earlier that this is being treated as an internal team matter," Smith said. "I'm done commenting on this matter."

But the decision to suspend Fleury or not belongs to the medical authorities, not the Blackhawks.

There is no discipline per say from the NHL in these matters and even if Fleury did violate his after-care program, it may not mean he'll be classified as Phase Three.

The Blackhawks and the National Hockey League's security staff are investigating an incident involving in Columbus early Sunday morning.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Fleury was allegedly involved in an altercation at an Ohio strip club and that he had the smell of alcohol on his breath.

According to the official report filed by the Columbus police department, "the victim was intoxicated and refused medics who wanted to treat a cut over the victim's left eye."

Fleury had a swollen eye and played with a protective visor in the game at Columbus Monday night. He has been suspended several times already for violating the league's substance-abuse policy.

"I made a bad decision," Fleury told reporters earlier on Wednesday. "Whatever the consequences are, I'm fully aware. I'll deal with the consequences when they happen."

Chicago signed the 34-year-old free agent to a two-year contract worth $4 million per season this summer. He is tested three times a week for drugs and alcohol.

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Theo Fleury is ready to deal with the consequences for his "bad decision."
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