Six teams have arena deals; two more expected

TORONTO -- A new World Hockey Association is set to start playing in October with at least six teams.

Commissioner Bobby Hull, the star player of the WHA of the
1970s, and other businessmen announced Wednesday that teams in
Halifax, Nova Scotia; Quebec; Detroit; Dallas; and Orlando and Jacksonville,
Fla., have buildings in which to play.

Two Ontario teams, in Toronto and Hamilton, are expected to join them
shortly when they secure arena leases.

"A lot of them are in a situation right now where with this
announcement they can go ahead and be selling season tickets by the
first of next week," Hull said at a news conference.

The NHL's future is murky as its collective bargaining agreement
with the players expires Sept. 15.

WHA team owners were frank in their belief that a labor
disruption in the NHL would help their league gain fans looking for
alternate sources of hockey.

"I'm convinced the CBA creates enough of an uncertainty to give
us an opportunity," said Mario Frankovich, one of the owners of
the Hamilton franchise and also chairman of the league's board.

The first WHA began in 1971 and became a rival to the NHL as it
lured Hull from the Chicago Blackhawks and brought Gordie Howe out
of retirement to play for the Houston Aeros with his sons.

The two leagues made a deal in 1979, with Edmonton, Quebec, Winnipeg and Hartford getting absorbed by the NHL and the WHA

A 76-game season beginning Oct. 29. is planned for this
edition of the WHA.

The league will have no red line, no-touch icing, touch-up
offside and 3-on-3 overtime followed by a shootout.