Flyers forward to see doctor Oct. 1

Philadelphia Flyers forward Jeremy Roenick, who battled the effects of concussions through much of the postseason, told ESPN on Wednesday that he plans to see a doctor on Oct. 1.

When asked by a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter this week if he expected to be paid during the NHL lockout, Roenick said that if he were diagnosed as still suffering from the effects of the concussions that were sustained during play, then "yes."

Even during the NHL lockout, under the terms of the expired collective bargaining agreement, all injured players from last season must be paid. Roenick told ESPN that at no point has he ever approached the Flyers to demand to be paid his $7.5 million salary for the upcoming season during the lockout.

Roenick insisted that when he spoke to the Inquirer, he merely answered a question posed to him directly by a reporter. He added to ESPN that if doctors found that he was still suffering the effects of the head injuries, then he would, in fact, consider going through the proper channels to seek payments as the collective bargaining agreement allows injured players.