Frost banned from attending games, events

ATHENS, Ontario -- David Frost, the agent who represented jailed former
NHL player Mike Danton, has been banned from attending games and
events of the Central Junior A Hockey League.

"We don't want him around, period," commissioner Mac MacLean announced Tuesday.

The ban follows an incident in Jim Durrell Arena in Ottawa last
Saturday in which Frost entered an area off limits to fans, a
league news release said, adding that Frost "accosted, harassed
and threatened an official of the CJHL."

"This was not the first instance of Mr. Frost harassing our
officials and each time his manner has become more aggressive,"
the release added.

Frost could not immediately be reached Tuesday.

The Pembroke Lumber Kings were fined $1,000 for Frost's actions, because the CJHL considers Frost to be associated with the Lumber Kings as the agent of owner Sheldon Keefe, an NHL player.

MacLean said a photo of Frost is being sent to each team so security staff can identify Frost if he shows up at an arena.

Danton, 24, was recently sentenced in St. Louis to 7½ years in prison for a failed murder-for-hire plot. Prosecutors said the
intended victim was Frost.