NHLPA sending players $10,000 for November

TORONTO -- The NHL players' association will begin issuing
lockout pay to more than 730 players.

Payments will start this month, and players will get $10,000
each for November and another $10,000 for December, with subsequent
monthly payments varying between $5,000 or $10,000, The Canadian
Press reported.

"As a result of the ongoing owners' lockout, the NHLPA
executive committee has announced a player stipend plan which
consists of an initial 24-month schedule and monthly payments for
over 730 locked-out players," Ted Saskin, NHLPA senior director,
said in a statement released to The Canadian Press. "Each
locked-out NHLPA member receives the same monthly payments."

Players usually get paid during the regular season. They have
missed three paychecks since the lockout began in early September.

The league and the union haven't held bargaining talks since
Sept. 9 in Toronto. The lockout is 70 days old, and 282 games have
been missed.

More than 200 NHL players have joined European teams during the