Agent: We'll see what options are out there

DENVER -- Peter Forsberg wants to return to the Colorado Avalanche if a proposed salary cap doesn't make him too expensive
for the club, his agent says.

Forsberg, who has played for only one NHL franchise, the Quebec
Nordiques-turned-Avalanche, has spent much of the past month in the
Denver area.

"If something could be worked out in Colorado, he'd be happy,"
Forsberg's agent, Don Baizley, said from Winnipeg, Manitoba. "But
he knows very well that it's a whole new ball game here."

Baizley said it will depend on how much the Avalanche could
offer the Swedish center under parameters of a salary cap, and
would Forsberg be willing to accept significantly less money from
Colorado than from a team with far more flexibility and money to
spend under the cap?

"There are just so many unknowns, you start to make yourself
crazy looking at it," Baizley said. "I see Peter as a guy who
would be unrestricted, and we'll have to see what options are