Moore seeking $15M in lost wages, more in damages

TORONTO -- Former NHL player Steve Moore filed another lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi for the on-ice attack by the Vancouver Canucks forward nearly two years ago.

Tim Danson, Moore's lawyer, said the suit was filed in Ontario Superior Court on Tuesday and that the timing has nothing to do with Bertuzzi's participation in the Olympics with Team Canada.

Danson said they had two years since the incident to file a lawsuit.

"Steve Moore has no control over limitation periods in Ontario," Danson said. "There was no choice but to file."

Pat Morris, the agent for Bertuzzi, said it had not yet been served on his client. The lawsuit comes the same day Bertuzzi and defending champion Canada played their first game at the Torino Games, a 7-2 victory over Italy.

Moore is seeking $15 million in lost wages and more in damages from Bertuzzi. Orca Bay, the parent company of the Canucks, and the NHL team were also named in the suit.

Moore hasn't played since March 8, 2004, when Bertuzzi grabbed him from behind, punched him in the head and drove his head into the ice. Moore, then with the Colorado Avalanche, was left with three fractured neck vertebrae, a concussion and other injuries.

Danson declined to say how Moore is doing now.

A similar lawsuit in Denver was thrown out last year. A judge said any case would be better handled in Canada because the hit happened there and Moore and all the defendants are Canadian citizens or businesses headquartered in the country.

Bertuzzi was reinstated to the NHL in August after being indefinitely suspended and missing 13 regular-season games and the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2004. He lost about $502,000 in salary and is to earn about $5.2 million this season.

Bertuzzi faced up to 1½ years in prison after Vancouver authorities charged him with assault. He pleaded guilty and was then sentenced to probation and community service.