Auld has stitches to close cut over eye

Florida Panthers goaltender Alex Auld was injured Friday night while "horsing around" with fellow goalie Ed Belfour in the lobby of the team's hotel, according to a story in the Palm Beach Post.

Auld Auld

Auld needed stitches to close a cut over his right eye.

Belfour, in his first year with the Panthers, told the newspaper that he and Auld were "horsing around" when Auld slipped and fell. He said the two goalies and some other players were watching the World Series.

"They have the marble floors there, and they're slippery," Belfour was quoted as saying in the Post. "We were just horsing around with each other, I dropped my bottle of water and we all slipped. Alex hit his head when we fell down."

Auld practiced both Friday and Saturday and is available to play. Belfour played for the Panthers on Saturday night following the incident.