Glass-shattering check sends two children to hospital

OTTAWA -- Two children attending the Ottawa Senators' game
against Florida were sent to a hospital for precautionary reasons
Thursday after plexiglass shattered in front of them when
Chris Phillips checked Florida's Stephen Weiss into the boards.

The two children, a brother and sister, and their parents were
showered with broken glass Thursday night as the pane exploded into
pieces when the Ottawa defenseman drove Weiss into the boards
directly beside the right faceoff circle in the Senators' zone 3:12
into the first period.

A team official confirmed that the two children, who were
sitting in front row seats, had been sent to a hospital by
ambulance along with their parents.

Play was delayed for eight minutes to clean up and replace the
broken pane. Weiss did not return to the game until the beginning
of the second period.

Ottawa led 5-0 in the second.