Gretzky won't object to Coyotes sale

Wayne Gretzky chose not to file a formal objection in U.S. Bankrupty Court by Friday's deadline, paving the way for the NHL to likely complete its purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes.

The case will be back in court Monday where Judge Redfield T. Baum will review the $140-million bid by the NHL, which is expected to be approved.

Gretzky could have filed a complaint in court Friday given that the league's purchase bid carries no guarantees that he'll get paid back the $8.2 million in deferred salary that he is owed from the Coyotes.

But Gretzky's business manager Darren Blake told the Arizona Republic that The Great One didn't want to be responsible for dragging this out any further.

"If it's in the best interest of the city of Glendale, the organization and the NHL, Wayne wasn't going to be the guy holding up the sale," Blake told the Republic on Friday afternoon.

But it's clear the Gretzky camp isn't pleased that NHL hasn't stepped up to take care of his interests.

"We're not asking the league to cut the check," Blake said. "What we're asking the league to do is to stand up and protect their No. 1 ambassador."

It's not clear just how much money Gretzky could end up getting in court.