Burish: USA let Canada keep hockey

CHICAGO -- Adam Burish is known as one of the biggest jokesters on the Chicago Blackhawks, so his take on Canada's win over Team USA for Olympic gold shouldn't come as a complete surprise.

Burish, a Madison, Wisc., native who played for the Badgers, said he was proud of the way his teammates -- Patrick Kane for the Americans, and Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith for the Canadians -- performed in the Olympics, but he was quick to emphasize his allegiance.

"I wish Kaner would have had the gold medal, not those two clowns," Burish joked about Keith and Seabrook.

Burish watched the game with teammate Patrick Sharp, who's a native of Thunder Bay, Ontario, and he said there was plenty of trash talking.

"I told [Sharp] I look at Canada as kind of like America's little sister," Burish said. "And so the Americans kind of messed with them a little bit, like, 'Hey Canada, we're going to take your hockey, this little toy away from you.'

"We took them to overtime, we scared our little sister enough, just so she knows now if we want to come and take hockey from you, we'll come and take it from you, if you're not careful. So we took them to overtime, scared them and gave them their toy back."

The joking did not stop there.

"Because at the end of the day, what does Canada have to be excited about? Hockey and beer, that's probably it," Burish said. "At the end of the day, it's the generous Americans again that take care of their little sister and say, 'You've got good beer, you got good hockey, we'll just leave you alone and let you have it.' "

Burish was asked if he told his teammates about his "toy" theory.

"They'll read it from you, so enjoy that, guys," he said to reporters after practice on Monday.

Burish tore his ACL prior to the season and is hoping to make his season debut soon.