Nonis to stay with Maple Leafs

TORONTO -- Toronto Maple Leafs senior vice president of hockey operations Dave Nonis knows the grass isn't always greener, and despite interest in him from the Tampa Bay Lightning for their vacant GM job, he decided to stay put.

Family played a part in it, as did the fact there's unfinished work retooling the Maple Leafs.

The team announced Tuesday that general manager Brian Burke had restructured Nonis' contract. The deal is for four seasons, but he is locked in through June 2012, meaning he cannot leave for a GM job with another team.

Nonis has more decision-making powers than most others in his role around the league, and that was another important part of his decision to stay on.

"No question, the big part is that I like my job, I have a lot to say on how things run, I've been given a lot of responsibility," Nonis told ESPN.com. "For me, it's been an exceptional place to work."

Nonis and his wife, Susan, live with their 16-year-old son about a half-hour outside of Vancouver. Although he's shuttled between the West Coast and Toronto since joining the Leafs' front office in December 2008, his family has been able to stay home, and that's a situation he didn't want to disrupt at this point.

"This is the best spot for me and for my family right now, no question about it," Nonis said. "It's been a good situation. They're happy and so am I. At this point there's no reason to change."

Nonis interviewed with new Lightning owner Jeff Vinik and says the new general manager of that club will be a lucky person.

"The owner in Tampa is a fantastic guy," Nonis said. "Whoever is the successful candidate will find himself in an excellent position, no question."

Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL for ESPN.com.