Jody Shelley suspended two games

The NHL has suspended Philadelphia Flyers left wing Jody Shelley for two games for a hit from behind during Saturday night's game at Boston, the Flyers announced Monday.

Shelley received a five-minute major and received a game misconduct at 5:08 of the second period after colliding with Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid.

The players were chasing the puck during the second period of Saturday's game when Shelley's two-handed shove knocked McQuaid off his skates. McQuaid just got his hands up in time to avoid hitting headfirst into the boards in Philadelphia's end.

McQuaid stayed down for several minutes, but later returned to the game.

McQuaid said he was satisfied with the suspension and hopes it will prevent players from committing such acts in the future.

"I guess it's better than nothing and it kind of sets an example for other incidents in the future," McQuaid said. "But hopefully there won't be other ones."

Shelley will miss the Flyers' games against the Penguins on Tuesday and at Montreal on Wednesday. He will forfeit nearly $12,000 in salary

Shelley told CSNPhilly.com that he had lost his edge on the play and wasn't trying to hurt McQuaid. He said he apologized to McQuaid on the ice and again in the hallway leading from the ice to the locker rooms between the second and third periods.

"I lost my edge. Next thing, we're in the boards together. I am glad he is OK. It's one of those things. You don't want to see a guy laying on the ice," Shelley said. "The referee had to make that call.

"I was disappointed that it happened. I caught [McQuaid] as he went by and I apologized. I didn't mean to do that. He acknowledged me. I was glad to see him back out there."

McQuaid confirmed that Shelley immediately started apologizing as he laid on the ice and asked him if he was OK.

"You know, he was saying to me, I could hear him on the ice saying that he didn't mean to, so I guess, I'm not sure if maybe I don't know if he hit a rut or what happened, but he was saying he didn't mean to," McQuaid said Saturday after the game.

McQuaid was then asked Monday if the suspension would lay the situation to rest. He said the apology was enough.

"I don't really know him, but I guess you just take his word for it that he is [sorry]," McQuaid said. "He's a tough player and he plays a physical game and stuff. You look at his track record and he's and honest player and I don't think he was going -- like he said -- out there to injure guys."

But McQuaid's teammate Patrice Bergeron, who was the victim of a similar hit in October 2007, when then-Flyers defenseman Randy Jones hit him from behind into the boards and left him with a Grade 3 concussion that forced him to miss the remainder of the season and playoffs, was disgusted by Shelley's hit.

"I didn't like seeing that all," said Bergeron, who has campaigned against shots to the head since Jones hit him. "It was kind of a useless, useless, play. It could have been way worse. It was pretty much a gimme and I thought for sure he was going to be suspended. It was just a matter of how many games. I think he knows he was wrong but when it happened already, you can't go back in time. You've got to think about it before."

Information from ESPNBoston.com's James Murphy and The Associated Press was used in this report.