Brad Richards: 'I'm a Dallas Star'

FRISCO, Texas -- Despite rampant speculation, center Brad Richards is still a member of the Dallas Stars after the NHL trade deadline passed Monday afternoon.

Richards' agent, Pat Morris, said Monday that the Stars and general manager Joe Nieuwendyk never asked them to waive Richards' no-trade clause.

"Nothing happened today and I'm good with that," GM Joe Nieuwendyk said. "I think in my mind, I wasn't going to move him unless someone really knocked our socks off with something we couldn't refuse."

Said Richards: "I'm a Dallas Star. These are my friends; these are my teammates. There's no one on my side demanding anything or trying to do anything. I do understand, though, that Joe needs to do a job. He's got to look out for what's best for the franchise. That's the business we're in and it happens all the time. There's no hard feelings."

Nieuwendyk said Richards, who has missed the last six games with concussion-like symptoms, could play Friday in Anaheim. Richards, who worked out on the ice for 40 minutes Monday and called it the hardest skate he's had so far, will not be on the team flight to Phoenix on Monday afternoon.

Now comes the challenge of trying to sign him to a long-term contract.

"We've said all along with that we want to sign Brad and we still feel that way," Nieuwendyk said. "We want to sign Brad Richards to be a Dallas Star for a long period of time. We'll keep going the way we are and hopefully Brad will help us get to the playoffs like we expect him to."

Richards said nothing has changed in terms of any contract discussions with the Stars.

"There's nothing that has gained any traction or would change my stance on what we've said all along," Richards said earlier Monday. "Until I kind of see what's going on here and who's going to be the GM, who's going to be running the team. There are a lot of questions. I have the right in the situation I'm in to ask those questions and I'm going to keep asking them. There's no change here. I know people want to read more into it and they think there's more to it, but there's not. It's gone this long and we're this close to the summer. So seeing who's going to be in charge of this makes sense to me in what I want to do."

The Stars are currently for sale, putting the future of the front office in limbo.

Among teams speculated to be interested in trading for Richards was the New York Rangers.

"Everything is speculation," Richards said. "I'm a Dallas Star. There's no need to speculate on that. If you're asking me and it's the day before July 1 and I'm a free agent, maybe it could be answered. But I'm under contract with the Stars and that's where I plan on being and if something changes, I'll look at it."

Richards is tied for eighth in the NHL in points with 63. That includes 39 assists, which is seventh in the league. Of the top 15 players in points in the league, only one (Sidney Crosby) has played fewer than the 56 games Richards has to this point.

"I get a kick out of watching all the media in Toronto saying, 'Who could use Brad Richards?' You know, our team could use him too," Nieuwendyk said. "We're sitting in a playoff spot today. It's not like we're sellers."

Richard Durrett is a reporter for ESPNDallas.com.