Vernon Fiddler examined, later returns

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- When Phoenix forward Vernon Fiddler got up dazed after having his head shoved into the edge of the boards by Vancouver forward Alex Burrows on Friday night, the Coyotes' trainer made it clear he couldn't stay on the bench or in the game.

As part of the NHL's new concussion protocol, announced at the general managers' meetings in Florida on Monday, Fiddler had to be assessed by a doctor in a quiet room instead of the old practice of being looked at by a trainer on the bench.

"I came in the dressing room, and that's the protocol now and that's what the trainer said when I got hit," Fiddler said. "You like for it to be quiet and not a bunch of action around."

Burrows received a five-minute major penalty for boarding and a game misconduct.

Fiddler returned to the game less than 10 minutes later.

"They asked me a bunch of questions, just a typical neuro-psyche test, and I just did what I was asked," Fiddler said. "He just asks you a few questions about the game, what day it is."