Player Poll:

The Hockey News asked 30 NHLers, one from each team: "Who do you think is the most consistent referee in the NHL?"

Eleven referees were mentioned with 10 players (33.3 percent) choosing Kerry Fraser, five (16.7 percent) for Bill McCreary, four (13.3 percent) suggested Don VanMassenhoven and two (6.7 percent) picked Mike Hasenfratz and Mike McGeough. Six others were named.

Here are the results from each team (some players asked to remain anonymous):

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
Kerry Fraser: "I like Kerry Fraser the best. I have a personal relationship with him because he trains in Philadelphia. He's from there, and I live there. He's been around for a lot of years. He lets players play, and that's why I like him. He'll always even it up. He'll always make it fair. He lets the players decide the games, instead of his calls." -- Todd Fedoruk

Atlanta Thrashers
Dan Marouelli -- Anonymous

Boston Bruins
Dave Jackson -- P.J. Axelsson

Buffalo Sabres
Kerry Fraser -- Teppo Numminen

Calgary Flames
Brad Watson -- Anonymous

Carolina Hurricanes
Kerry Fraser -- Bret Hedican

Chicago Blackhawks
Don VanMassenhoven: "He's smart, consistent and knows how the game is played." -- Todd Simpson

Colorado Avalanche
Bill McCreary -- Anonymous

Columbus Blue Jackets
Don VanMassenhoven -- Anonymous

Dallas Stars
Bill McCreary: "That's a tough question to answer because you don't see the referees night in and night out. You see them once, and you might see them three weeks later. It's hard to tell whether they're consistent or not. The referees have a real tough job this year. When they're all consistent in the same way, that makes it easier for us. One ref might think he has to call it. Another might think it's borderline and not call. It's a tough question. I don't know if I can answer it." – Anonymous

Detroit Red Wings
Bill McCreary: "He's pretty consistent.'' -- Anonymous

Edmonton Oilers
Kerry Fraser -- Jussi Markkanen

Florida Panthers
Mike Hasenfratz -- Anonymous

Los Angeles Kings
Mike McGeough -- Anonymous

Minnesota Wild
Don VanMassenhoven -- Wes Walz

Montreal Canadiens
Tom Kowal: "He isn't one of the better-known refs, but he pretty much lets the teams play. I don't find him partial or impartial." -- Sheldon Souray

Nashville Predators
Mike Hasenfratz -- Anonymous

New Jersey Devils
Kerry Fraser: "He's consistent. And he's got the respect from players and knows how to give it back." -- Scott Gomez

New York Islanders
Kerry Fraser: "You can take that two ways, do you mean consistently bad or consistently good? To avoid the wrath of the person I'd like to name, I'll say Kerry [Fraser] is a good ref and the most consistent guy out there." -- Mark Parrish

New York Rangers
Bill McCreary -- Anonymous

Ottawa Senators
Kevin Pollock: "Nobody. I can't really think of one. I find with the officials, the best thing to do is keep your mouth shut and then you're going to have a better game." -- Chris Neil

Philadelphia Flyers
Kerry Fraser: "Kerry does a great job every time we have him here. What I like about him, I can go talk to him if I need answers to some questions." -- Simon Gagne

Phoenix Coyotes
Mike McGeough: "Game in and game out, you know what you're going to get from Mike McGeough. A penalty is a penalty in every game, and he's not afraid to call it at any time." -- Derek Morris

Pittsburgh Penguins
Don VanMassenhoven: "There's a fine line in calling the game they want it called and letting guys play, and he does a good job of doing that." -- Ryan VandenBussche

St. Louis Blues
Bill McCreary -- Anonymous

Tampa Bay Lightning
Kerry Fraser: "He really understands the game and what goes on out there. He has been around, has lots of experience and understands how the players think and act out there. If it's a big game, I want to see Kerry Fraser as one of the referees.'' -- Anonymous

Toronto Maple Leafs
Kerry Fraser: "He's consistent all right. He hoses us all the time." -- Anonymous

San Jose Sharks
Dan Marouelli: "Really, all the referees are pretty consistent now. I don't notice that much of a difference from one guy to the next." -- Anonymous

Vancouver Canucks
Kerry Fraser -- Alex Auld

Washington Capitals
Paul Devorski -- Anonymous

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