Where to play next season

Anaheim -- Todd Simpson: No
"I would say no. If you get scored on, that's penalty enough. It would
create more offense, but obviously power plays just kind of slow the game
down. It's more like basketball, when they pass it around on
the power play."

Atlanta -- Andy Sutton: Play in Europe/Russia

Boston -- Anonymous: Play in Europe/Russia

Buffalo -- Jay McKee: Wait it out
"Probably wait it out, what else can you do?"

Calgary -- Anounymous: Wait it out

Carolina -- Anonymous: Play in Europe/Russia

Chicago -- Anonymous: Wait it out

Colorado -- Rob Blake: Wait it out

Columbus -- Rostislav Klesla: Play in Europe/Russia
"There's no way I would sit around here and not play. I'd listen to other
offers, but I'd like to go back and play in the Czech Republic. I've played
in the top Czech League. I left home at such a young age."

Dallas-- Stu Barnes: Wait it out
"I can¹t really see myself playing the WHA or anything. It just seems smart
to hold tight and be prepared for anything. You never know when the season
could start."

Detroit -- Chris Chelios: Play in North America/WHA
Chelios says he wants to play somewhere, perhaps in the new WHA, if it gets
off the ground. But, he adds, "I still don¹t believe there¹ll be a lockout.
Everybody¹s all talk now. They¹ve got time to talk, trying to get some
leverage. But when push comes to shove, they all better wake up and do
what¹s best for the game. Somewhere there has to be a number they can agree

Edmonton -- Ryan Smyth: Play in North America
"I'd like to play, but I won't leave North America to do it, not after we
just had the little one (newborn daughter Isabella)."

Florida -- Niklas Hagman: Play in Europe/Russia

Los Angeles -- Anonymous: Wait it out

Minnesota -- Antti Laaksonen: Play in Europe/Russia
"I'll play in Finland. There's no way I can sit out the whole year."

Montreal -- Mike Ribeiro: Play in North America (minors/WHA)
"For sure I'll play. I need to play. I'll stay around here and play close to

Nashville --Scott Hartnell: Play in North America (minors/WHA)
"I don¹t know if that¹d be an option. Obviously I¹d have to talk to my agent
and see what¹s right for me to do. I know there¹s going to be teams in
Saskatchewan and Alberta. To tell the truth, I really haven¹t thought about
it a lot."

New Jersey -- Sergei Brylin: Play in Europe/Russia
"If it goes long, I'd like to go back home and play in Russia. I don't have
a problem going back but it might be tough on my family. My daughter is four
years old. I think the Russian League is getting better. A lot of guys are
going back home and a lot of kids are staying there longer. I think the
level is going up. According to the Russian media, it might be the No. 2
league in the world."

NY Islanders -- Roman Hamrlik: Wait it out
"I don't even want to think about it, but I'll probably just wait it out."

NY Rangers -- Anonymous: Wait it out
"The first year, nothing. The second year, either Europe or a new league."

Ottawa -- Anonymous: Don't know

Philadelphia -- Sami Kapanen: Play in Europe/Russia
"Yes, I think I would play over there (in Finland) if there is no hockey

Phoenix -- Sean Burke: Don't know
"I think I'll go on an African safari with my family. A safari with them in
the morning, then go find a place to skate in Africa in the afternoon. I'd
want to play somewhere to stay sharp, but I don't know where."

Pittsburgh -- Steve McKenna: Wait it out
"I'll be in a lunch line somewhere."

St. Louis -- Brent Johnson: Don't know
"I can't really give a great answer about that. If anything does happen,
really you just have to wait see what it is that happens. If something like
a lockout happens, I'll look to play somewhere else. But I don't know what
will be available. I won't know until then."

San Jose -- Nils Ekman: Play in Europe/Russia
"I will definitely go back to Sweden and play. I only have a one-year
contract here. I¹ll definitely go back."

Tampa Bay -- Dmitry Afanasenkov: Play in Europe/Russia
"I need to play like everybody else, so I'd find a place to play in Europe."

Toronto -- Tomas Kaberle: Play in Europe/Russia
Kaberle said if there is a lockout, he will definitely go home to play with
Kladno in the Czech League, "or another one if my old team doesn't want me.
I sure don't want to sit around and not play for a year or two."

Vancouver -- Dan Cloutier: Play in Europe /Russia
"I'd like to go play in Europe. I'm not sure where but, just because of my
age, a whole year out of hockey would be a big loss for me."

Washington -- Jaromir Jagr: Play in Europe/Russia
Jagr says he will play in Russia if there is a shutdown next season. "I
think it is the second-best league in the world."

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