Carey Price finds dogs after tweet

MONTREAL -- Carey Price can relax -- his Labrador retrievers are back home.

The Montreal Canadiens goaltender sent a message on Twitter early Monday to report his dogs missing.

Candiac is a suburb south of Montreal.

The dogs were found by Habs fan John Mastromonaco, who happened to be listening to TSN 690 in Montreal when he left his house around 6:15 a.m. on Monday and heard an item about the missing dogs.

"Almost at the same time, I see this jogger with two Labradors following him, but the dogs didn't look like they were with him,'' Mastromonaco told The Canadian Press.

After checking with the jogger, Mastromonaco realized he'd happened on the goaltender's dogs.

After trying to reach Price through the radio station, Mastromonaco said he called the number on the dog tag, which happened to be Price's wife.

She directed him to the couple's home, where Price answered the door and gave him an autographed stick.

"He just said, `Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Here's a stick,''' Mastromonaco said. "I said, `Thank you very much,' and said, `Good luck on Tuesday.'''

The Canadiens host Boston in Game 3 on Tuesday night with their Eastern Conference semifinal series tied 1-1. Both starting goalies lost sleep: Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask's girlfriend gave birth to a daughter overnight.

Price said he had just woken up when the dogs were returned.

"We didn't chat a lot,'' he said. "I was kind of groggy.

"I was still trying to sleep. I probably didn't go to sleep until about 2. I woke up. I was like, `Ugh.' Threw my bathrobe on. I was probably quite the sight to see.''

Motty (''short for Mozart'') and Duke got loose late Sunday night in Candiac, a suburb south of Montreal.

"I was preoccupied and they snuck out the garage doors,'' Price said, adding, "It's not the first time and it's probably not the last time.''

Price said it was his wife that he use his Twitter account to ask for help.

"It was actually a good idea. She's smarter than me.

"I think it's good karma because I picked up a dog four or five months ago and returned it to the owner. What goes around, comes around.''