Flyers' Thoresen released from hospital after taking puck to groin

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Philadelphia Flyers left wing Patrick Thoresen was released from the hospital Saturday after tests revealed no serious injury from a shot that hit him in the groin.

Thoresen lay writhing in pain after blocking Mike Green's shot in the third period Friday night of a 5-4 loss to the Washington Capitals. The 24-year-old forward was taken to Washington Hospital Center, where he underwent two ultrasound tests.

"My groin area is sore and swollen," Thoresen said in comments released by the team. "I can't really walk properly right now. It hurts."

Thoresen rested at the team hotel while the Flyers practiced Saturday.

"Everything checked out OK. They were checking to see if there was a rupture. There was none," general manager Paul Holmgren said.

Holmgren said he wouldn't be surprised if Thoresen played in Game 2 on Sunday.

"The chance is there because there is nothing wrong right now," Thoresen said. "It's just a matter of pain. Right now it doesn't feel like I am ready to go because I am very sore. But I will keep icing the area today and keep trying to get the swelling down and we will see how I feel."

Green left a message for Thoresen through the Flyers' trainer.

"He wished me well and said he hoped everything will be OK with me," Thoresen said. "That was very classy of him."

Washington was on the power play when Thoresen was injured. Officials did not stop play, in effect giving the Capitals a two-man advantage during which they scored the tying goal.

"I know in the past there have been players that have laid there and rolled around trying to get a stoppage in play when they've just been hit on the shin," Holmgren said. "It's a tough call. I didn't have a problem with it last night and, thinking about it, I still don't have a problem. The ref has to make a judgment call in a split second, and they made the call they made. Obviously it cost us a goal. I don't believe that's the reason we lost the game."