How sports resurrected Fall Out Boy

Cody Pickens

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FALL OUT BOY frontman Patrick Stump looks out over the rink of Johnny's IceHouse West, the practice home of the Blackhawks, and muses on his band's unlikely sports-related resurgence. "When we started, we were all over Total Request Live," he says. "It was assumed we were a boy band. Now the perception is that we're this jock rock band. I don't mind either way. We're having a blast."

Starting in 2010, though, FOB went on a chilly hiatus. Five years removed from its emergence from the Chicago club scene, the band was depressed, exhausted, incommunicado. Then in 2013, the Blackhawks cued up "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'Em Up)" during the team's Stanley Cup run. FOB was brought back to life. The group loved by a generation of Hot Topic emo kids was now embraced by ... sports. Since then, Stump has sung the national anthem at a Bears game, and the band has played an NFL Pro Bowl and an NBA All-Star Game and remade the '90s-tastic "Only the Bulls" anthem with Lupe Fiasco. Up next: the NHL All-Star Game on Jan. 25 in Columbus, Ohio.

"Centuries," the platinum single from American Beauty/American Psycho, was the score for ESPN's College Football Playoff coverage and reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. So will Fall Out Boy be featured on a reboot of the infamous Jock Jams albums?

"At the Pro Bowl, we hung out with the guy who produced a lot of the Jock Jams records," says Stump (pictured center, screaming at Blackhawks winger Daniel Carcillo). "So maybe!"