Countdown to the deadline: Blues

The St. Louis Blues have had an aggressive all-in attitude over the past few years leading up to the trade deadline, acquiring Jay Bouwmeester two seasons ago and last year making news with the Ryan Miller and Steve Ott acquisitions. Don't expect that same level of trade this time around. One has learned never to say never in this business because you never know whether potential injuries over the next three weeks change the script or if a team calls out of left field with an offer that can't be refused, but the sense right now is that Blues aren't going to be in the headline-making business this time around. They're pretty happy with a deep, deep roster, and they should be. Yes, they could add a depth piece or two, but I don't think they're going to steal the spotlight at the deadline this season. Don't even be shocked if the deadline comes and goes and the Blues do absolutely nothing. GM Doug Armstrong could live with that, too. Status: mild buyer.

Needs: If the price is cheap, it's possible the Blues, in a perfect world, would add a physical depth blueliner, a player with some pop on the back end. The Blues feel pretty good about their depth, though, even with the injury to star blueliner Kevin Shattenkirk. At the end of the day, he should be back for the playoffs, and that's all that matters. Winger Dmitrij Jaskin, 21, has come up and looked good (11 points in 27 games), so when healthy the group of 12 forwards is deep. Plus, when the 13th and 14th guys in the organization are Magnus Paajarvi and Joakim Lindstrom, -- OK, not great, but they can play in the NHL. On defense, when healthy, Chris Butler is the seventh defenseman and Petteri Lindbohm is No. 8, again decent depth. The knock would be that it's inexperienced depth, and that's why if there's a cheap deal out there, it makes sense to add a body or two who carries more experience, it's not out of the question for the Blues. But it's also not a priority.

Finances: The Blues have around $5.9 million in cap room, so they have room to move if they decide to.

Scouting the GM: Doug Armstrong has shown he's got brass coconuts when it comes to making the moves he's needed to make for this team the last few years. But having given up future assets over a few trade deadlines, including this year's first-round pick to the Buffalo Sabres in the Miller deal, you can't go for the home run every year. His team is deep; it's good enough to make a run at a championship. Could he tweak it with a depth move or two? Yes, I think that's possible. Also, if they do something, in a perfect world it would be a hockey deal, not a rental, a player who could also play for the team beyond this season.