Caps' Daniel Winnik on status of ear: fully intact with some scabbing

No, Daniel Winnik's right ear is not missing a piece.

The Washington Capitals forward made that clear Saturday, two days after his coach, Barry Trotz, said Winnik lost part of his ear while blocking a shot during a 4-2 win against the Florida Panthers.

"I wouldn't say I lost a piece of it," Winnik told reporters Saturday, according to The Washington Post. "I mean, it's really chewed up, and obviously some scabs and all of that, but no visible missing piece. ... The puck hit basically half ear, maybe a little more ear and helmet. Very fortunate it wasn't way worse."

Winnik returned to the ice Saturday morning, knowing all eyes were on him after the injury -- at least as described by Trotz -- became a national story.

Winnik still knows things could have been a lot worse -- especially since he doesn't wear a visor.

"I mean, my face has been banged up a lot over the years, and I still haven't worn a visor," Winnik said. "I mean I've probably broken my nose like 15 times or something. I just can't wear it, and the earpieces, I think you're just used to wearing it for so long without it. I mean you take them out you're like, 'Why the hell was I wearing earpieces in the first place?' But I guess this is kind of an indication on why guys do."