George McPhee: Golden Knights making moves as draft approaches

LAS VEGAS -- Vegas Golden Knights general manager George McPhee said the team has made "at least" a half-dozen transactions before the NHL expansion draft and will likely make more deals before submitting their final list to the league Wednesday morning.

"We've tried to talk to every club before we make a selection," McPhee said Tuesday. "Different things result from that. I haven't been able to keep track of that, but we'll tally it all up at the end and you guys can tell us how we did."

McPhee anticipates having all of the Golden Knights' selections done Tuesday night before sleeping on it and submitting the list to the league Wednesday.

"We are going to use every minute that we have and we'll put our team together today and hopefully don't have to go too deep into the night," McPhee said. "And we'll submit it five minutes before 7 a.m."

McPhee anticipates selecting a few core players he envisions being on the team for years to come, and he will contact a couple of those players Tuesday night with the hope they will be able to be attend the event at the T-Mobile Arena.

"We'll make phone calls later on today," McPhee said, "and try to get them here tomorrow."

As McPhee looks at the group he will be able to put together, he anticipates having a competitive team hit the ice when the season finally starts.

"I think it's going to be a pretty good team," McPhee said. "We're happy that we have a lot of defenseman, we have really good goaltending, we have a lot of centers and we have scoring on the wings. We should have good speed. It's going to be a good team."