Get to know this year's top NHL draft prospects

The next wave of young hockey talent will find NHL homes at the 2018 draft. Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images

The 2018 NHL draft kicks off in Dallas on Friday, which means 217 teenagers will get one step closer to their dream of playing in the NHL.

We'll forgive you if you don't know too much about the prospects just yet. Here at ESPN we figured we'd give you an introduction to some of the top prospects -- before they are household names -- by asking them about their ideal NHL linemates, sponsorship deals, what players have the most swag, their thoughts on fighting and the toughest opponents they've faced.

We also found out they really, really like Lululemon.

If you could play alongside one player in the NHL, who would it be?

Quinn Hughes, D, Michigan (No. 5 overall prospect on Chris Peters' rankings): Duncan Keith is someone I've always enjoyed watching. That would be pretty cool to play with him. He's a special player.

Filip Zadina, RW, Halifax (No. 3): I would love to play with John Tavares; he's an awesome center. For a second option, I would put Steven Stamkos. He's an unbelievable player. I would love to play on that line.

Brady Tkachuk, LW, Boston University (No. 4): First I'll give you an easy one. Obviously my brother [Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk]. It would be special for both of us to play together, and obviously it's a dream for both of us.

But to go a bit outside, playing with Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby -- that would be awesome. Those are probably the two best players in the league. Actually, I'm going to switch it up. I'd love to play with Alex Ovechkin. He seems like he's a great player, but to see him after the Stanley Cup, to see how funny he is. I got to meet him before Game 4. He's a great guy, and it would be great to play with him.

Evan Bouchard, D, London (No. 9): I think Drew Doughty. I've looked up to him for a while now. I think the way he plays the game, he sees the ice very well. Being from London, it's been pretty cool to see him around, too.

Andrei Svechnikov, RW, Barrie (No. 2): I would say Ovechkin and [Evgeny] Kuznetsov, just because it's Russian guys. They're good guys.

Noah Dobson, D, Acadie-Bathurst (No. 10): Probably Sidney Crosby. He's been a role model of mine growing up, being from the Maritimes, I always looked up to him, and I cheered for the Penguins growing up, so I'd love the chance to play with him.

Adam Boqvist, D, Brynas-Jr. (No. 7): Of course, it would be Erik Karlsson one day, but that's hard.

If you could be the face of one brand what would it be?

Dobson: Lululemon. I'm a big Lululemon guy. I wear a lot of Lululemon clothes.

Tkachuk: I'd say Lululemon. I'm wearing Lulu right now. Or Teddy Baker. I really like both those brands.

Boqvist: [Looks around, sees room full of Adidas draft signage] Adidas.

Hughes: I know Mathew Barzal just signed with Adidas a couple days ago. Adidas is pretty cool. They've got Yeezys and stuff, and I like Yeezys.

Zadina: I have never thought about this. But I love to wear Nike. So probably Nike.

Who is the toughest player you've played against?

Dobson: Nico Hischier, last year when he was in Halifax. He had a lot of skill, and he was really good defensively. So he was the complete package.

Bouchard: I'd probably say [St. Louis Blues prospect Jordan] Kyrou, he's pretty good.

Boqvist: Of course, [No. 1 prospect Rasmus] Dahlin, but we're both defensemen so, I think Svechnikov is very tough. He's big, fast and can protect the puck pretty good. I think I handled [playing against him] pretty good, but you need the whole team to stop him. You need to open your eyes if he's on the ice.

Tkachuk: Obviously Rasmus is a beast. He's up there. But Quinn Hughes, too. Everybody knows he's a good player, but he's so tough to play against, defensively he's so stellar, he has a great stick. Obviously he's a very good skater. So he's one of the toughest for sure.

Hughes: Connor McDavid. [What is it like defending against him?] Impossible. A gap is probably big, but then you don't want to have too close of a gap because then he just brings you wide.

Svechnikov: I would say [Vegas Golden Knights prospect and OHL Defenseman of the year Nic] Hague from Mississauga. He is very good.

Zadina: Probably Noah Dobson. He is a very good D. I played against him in the QMJHL. We played against each other in a lot of games.

What NHL player has the most swag?

Dobson: I was with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn earlier today, and they're pretty well-dressed guys, they've got a lot of swag out there. They're always getting at each other on who is the better dresser.

Tkachuk: That's a good one. I'm going to have to say my brother. He's got a good swag to him, and he doesn't really care what people say about him. He's up there.

Bouchard: Some of the stuff P.K. [Subban] wears is pretty crazy. I don't think I could pull that off.

Zadina: I was just watching Tyler Seguin's Instagram, and just he's pretty cool, he's a sweet guy. I met him today. He knows how to wear the clothes and he's got the tattoos. He's pretty cool.

Do you believe fighting is crucial in the NHL?

Tkachuk: Yeah, I think so. I know it's a pretty touchy subject for people to talk about, but I think fighting is important because if you get rid of fighting, that means more people would take advantage of your star players. Maybe running after Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, who can't fight. So if fighting is there, it's kind of like that hidden thing, if you take a run at one of the star players, you're going to have to answer the bell to someone.

I definitely think it's important. I know people are probably going to be upset that I say that, but I think it makes the game safer when it comes to preventing cheap shots.

Dobson: That's a good question. Now it's definitely not as popular as it was. But there is still a time and a place for it. If there is a cheap hit on a younger guy or a dirty hit on one of your top players, it needs to be in the game. But it's definitely gone downhill from what it's used to be.

Hughes: No, I don't think it's crucial. I think it's probably important, for sure. It's a part of the game; it always will be, I think. But for my specific game I don't think it will be all that important.

Zadina: Yes. ... Maybe.