Seattle Kraken captain Mark Giordano rejoins team 10 days after positive COVID-19 test

SEATTLE -- Mark Giordano has rejoined the Seattle Kraken at practice following 10 days in a Florida hotel following a positive COVID-19 test.

Giordano tested positive on Nov. 26 as Seattle was beginning a road trip at Tampa Bay. The NHL team underwent testing that morning and Giordano's initial result, along with a couple of follow-up tests, all came back positive.

Giordano said he had a bit of congestion and lost his sense of taste for a short time, but that was about the extent of his symptoms while stuck in the hotel. Giordano said his taste is already starting to come back.

"I felt pretty normal as the week went on especially, and didn't really have any symptoms that I would consider or call bad," Giordano said.

Giordano, Seattle's 38-year-old captain, arrived back in Seattle on Monday and rejoined the team Tuesday following one of its poorest performances of the season in a 6-1 loss to Pittsburgh.