2022 Stanley Cup playoffs: How one NFL-er played host for the 'coolest trophy' in sports


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan had the rare opportunity to play host to the Stanley Cup in May when he got a visit from the prized trophy. Lewan said he got a call about hosting the cup and immediately thought of crazy things that he could do when he got his hands on it.

"The Stanley Cup [handlers] itself called me and said, 'Hey, can I come to your house,'" Lewan said. "I was so excited. I had this idea about taking pictures with it, cuddling with it in bed, doing a whole bunch of stupid things with it."

Those visions came to life when Lewan and his daughters,Wynne and Willow, put a puppy, a chicken, and a rabbit in the Stanley Cup. Lewan joked that his daughter Willow even got in the cup.

Even though he's a professional football player, Lewan seems to be more fond of the Stanley Cup than any other championship trophy.

"It's the coolest trophy," Lewan said. "The Lombardi is dope, but this [Stanley Cup] has the names etched in. You start etching the names in the Lombardi it would look cooler."

Lewan has developed a relationship with the Nashville Predators thanks to the days when he chugged beers off of a catfish at their games. He has developed into a hype man for the Predators who don't hesitate to put Lewan on the big screen when he's at their games to get the crowd going.