Wings expect to be part of realignment

TORONTO -- Detroit Red Wings owner Mike Illitch reiterated his belief Monday night that his club will likely be taken care of in the NHL's realignment for next season.

"Gary (Bettman) said that there would be a change in the alignment and that Detroit would be in that," Illitch told ESPN.com after arriving at the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday night. "I know they're working hard at it."

Realignment will be among the topics Tuesday when NHL GMs convene here for one day, but it is ultimately a board of governors matter and the owners will vote on it Dec. 5-6.

Philadelphia Flyers chairman Ed Snider believes total realignment is necessary.

"There has to be," Snider said before the HHOF induction gala. "But I think our traditional rivals will always be with us no matter how it's realigned. You can be confident in that."

In other words, Snider doesn't see Pittsburgh and Philadelphia split up.

"No, we'll be together, without question," Snider said. "We'll have all of our traditional rivals, even under a four-conference set-up."

Pierre LeBrun covers the NHL for ESPN.com.