CBA talks to resume Thursday

Negotiations between the NHL and NHL Players' Association on a new collective bargaining agreement will resume Thursday in New York, sources told ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun.

Talks will continue Friday at the NHL offices as well, the sources said.

This will mark the second formal bargaining session for negotiators for the owners and players. The CBA expires Sept. 15.

Eight players on the NHLPA's 31-player committee, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and four owners attended the first session on June 29.

The NHL made a presentation at the initial session, an analysis of how the system has worked the past seven years. NHLPA Executive Director Donald Fehr said the players would review that presentation before the second session.

Fehr, the former head of the powerful baseball union, has said that Sept. 15 is not a drop dead date to get a deal done. If a deal is not struck, both sides could opt to play the season under the rules of the old CBA.

In the last labor strife, a deal was unable to be completed and the NHL canceled the 2004-05 season. When a deal was a struck, a salary cap was instituted for the first time.

However, the landscape is different this time.

Bettman said last month the league had record revenues in excess of $3.1 billion, although he wouldn't say what the profit was.

How the revenue gets divided figures to be a big sticking point as the NHL tries to avoid becoming the third major league in recent memory to go through a work stoppage.

The NBA played a shortened season with a condensed schedule after a labor dispute pushed the start of the season back to late December, and the NFL went through a lockout that wiped out most of the offseason training program a year ago and delayed training camp.