Sidney Crosby backs video review

PITTSBURGH -- Count Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby among those who would like to see the National Hockey League use video replay to confirm the accuracy of delay-of-game penalties like the one that contributed to a gut-wrenching San Jose Sharks loss to the Los Angeles Kings Thursday night.

"I think we all cringe when we see one of those as a player," Crosby told reporters after the Penguins' morning skate Friday.

"So many factors that can go into that happening. The puck rolls on you all of a sudden or a guy kind of gets a piece of you at the last second and changes the way you're shooting it. But I think if anything, maybe they can be reviewable. I think a play like that maybe should be reviewable. It shouldn't take that long. It obviously has a huge importance in a game. Should be able to see it pretty clear on a video review if that did clearly go over or hit a stick. I've seen a couple of those throughout the playoffs," he said.

On Thursday, San Jose defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic was whistled for shooting the puck over the glass in his own zone at 17:41 of the third period and the Sharks leading in the game 3-2. Replays seemed to show the puck glancing off Kings center Jeff Carter. The penalty came just 22 seconds after Brad Stuart was called for tripping, and the Kings would go on to score twice on the ensuing power plays to erase the 3-2 deficit and win 4-3 to take a 2-0 series lead.

The NHL does not use video replay to examine penalty calls, but Crosby said it wouldn't be a bad thing to implement down the road.

"You want to make sure with a play like that, and I think review wouldn't hurt to kind of look over those big ones," Crosby added.