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Alinghi defeated Team New Zealand by 45 seconds in decisive Race 5.
After days of delays, Alinghi became the first European team to win the America's Cup in 152 years. The Swiss syndicate swept the cup 5-0 over trouble-plagued Team New Zealand, which withdrew from two races in the best-of-nine series. As land-locked Switzerland begins looking for a coastal race site, questions abound for TNZ, Gary Jobson writes.

  • After 152 years away, trophy returns to Europe
  • Team New Zealand's mast snaps in Race 4
  • Jobson: Schnackenberg | Bertarelli | Coutts
  • Cup winners | Standings, results | Glossary

    AMERICA'S CUP: Team New Zealand vs. Alinghi
    Best of nine: Feb. 15-March 3
    (Note: All dates are according to Auckland time)
    Saturday, Feb. 15: Alinghi takes 1-0 lead
    Sunday, Feb. 16: Alinghi takes 2-0 lead
    Tuesday, Feb. 18: Alinghi takes 3-0 lead
    Friday, Feb. 28: Alinghi takes 4-0 lead
    Sunday, March 2 Alinghi wins 5-0

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    2003 America's Cup ESPN2 Schedule
    Follow all the America's Cup action on ESPN2, starting Feb. 13.
    Jobson: More problems for TNZ
    The more disturbing problem aboard TNZ wasn't the mast, it was the lack of speed and tactical fight.
    Jobson: They've got the speed
    Team New Zealand has the boat speed to win this regatta, but the difference is Alinghi skipper Russell Coutts.
    Jobson: Afterguard wins the race
    Putting its experience to use, Alinghi made an amazing recovery to take a 2-0 lead over Team New Zealand.
    Jobson: Too much water
    Team New Zealand's problems in Race 1 began as it took on nearly three tons of water.
    Thompson: A world of pain
    Thought the Super Bowl was painful? The Good Doctor says seeing the Swiss slaughter New Zealand in the America's Cup tops that.
    Jobson: No favorites yet
    The fascinating thing about all America's Cups is that no one really knows which of the two boats is fastest.
    Jobson: A HULA of a design
    Team New Zealand figured out a way to solve two problems by adding a revolutionary appendage.
    Jobson: Coutts explains it all
    Alinghi skipper Russell Coutts is undaunted by 'loyalist' campaign against him.
    Gary Jobson talks with Dean Barker
    ESPN sailing analyst Gary Jobson talked with New Zealand skipper Dean Barker, here's a transcript of the interview.
    If Alinghi wins, Europe might be site of Cup final
    The Swiss syndicate Alinghi would favor defending the America's Cup in Europe if it wins the trophy next month.
    No protests filed over New Zealand's double-hull look
    The contentious double hull yacht revealed by America's Cup defender Team New Zealand didn't attract any official protests from rivals before the deadline Wednesday for complaints.
    Dickson to pull out all stops to get Oracle on track
    America's Cup racing was called off for the second consecutive day because of strong wind.'s 1999-2000 America's Cup coverage
    Take a look back at New Zealand's sweep over Italy's Prada in the 1999-2000 America's Cup finals.

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