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Sunday, December 22
Updated: December 23, 2:51 PM ET
IOC Code of Ethics violation charges

Indict, a London-based human rights group created in 1997 that seeks to bring criminal charges against the top leaders of the Iraqi regime, has submitted a formal complaint to the International Olympic Committee, alleging that the Iraqi National Committee and its president, Uday Saddam Hussein, have violated the IOC's Code of Ethics.

Below, a checkmark indicates the provisions Indict alleges have been violated:

IOC Code of Ethics
1. Safeguarding the dignity of the individual is a fundamental requirement of Olympism.
2. There shall be no discrimination between participants on the basis of race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, philosophical or political opinion, marital status or other grounds.
3. No practice constituting any form of physical or mental injury to the participants will be tolerated. All doping practices at all levels are strictly prohibited. The provisions against doping in the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code shall be scrupulously observed.
4. All forms of harassment against participants, be it physical, mental, professional or sexual, are prohibited.
5. The Olympic parties shall guarantee the athletes conditions of safety, well-being and medical care favorable to their physical and mental equilibrium.
1. The Olympic parties or their representatives shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit, accept or offer any concealed remuneration, commission, benefit or service of any nature connected with the organization of the Olympic Games.
  2. Only gifts of nominal value, in accordance with prevailing local customs, may be given or accepted by the Olympic parties, as a mark of respect or friendship. Any other gift must be passed on to the organization of which the beneficiary is a member.
  3. The hospitality shown to the members and staff of the Olympic parties, and the persons accompanying them, shall not exceed the standards prevailing in the host country.
  4. The Olympic parties shall avoid any conflict of interest between the organization to which they belong and any other organization within the Olympic Movement. If a conflict of interest arises, or if there is a danger of this happening, the parties concerned must inform the IOC Executive Board, which will take appropriate measures.
5. The Olympic parties shall use due care and diligence in fulfilling their mission. They must not act in a manner likely to tarnish the reputation of the Olympic Movement.
6. The Olympic parties must not be involved with firms or persons whose activity is inconsistent with the Principles set out in the Olympic Charter and the present Code.
  7. The Olympic parties shall neither give nor accept instructions to vote or intervene in a given manner within the organs of the IOC.
1. The resources of the Olympic parties may be used only for Olympic purposes.
  2. The income and expenditure of the Olympic parties shall be recorded in their accounts, which must be maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. These accounts will be checked by an independent auditor. They may be subjected to auditing by an expert designated by the IOC Executive Board.
3. The Olympic parties recognize the significant contribution that broadcasters, sponsors, partners and other supporters of sports events make to the development and prestige of the Olympic Games throughout the world. However, such support must be in a form consistent with the rules of sport and the Principles defined in the Olympic Charter and the present Code. They must not interfere in the running of sports institutions. The organization and staging of sports competitions is the exclusive responsibility of the independent sports organizations recognized by the IOC.
  1. The Olympic parties shall work to maintain harmonious relations with state authorities, in accordance with the principle of universality and of political neutrality of the Olympic Games. However, the spirit of humanism, fraternity and respect for individuals which inspires the Olympic ideal requires the governments of countries that are to host the Olympic Games to undertake that their countries will scrupulously respect the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter and the present Code.
2. The Olympic parties are free to play a role in the public life of the states to which they belong. They may not, however, engage in any activity or follow any ideology inconsistent with the Principles and Rules defined in the Olympic Charter or set out in the present Code.
  3. The Olympic parties shall endeavor to protect the environment on the occasion of any events they organize. In the context of the Olympic Games, they undertake to uphold generally accepted standards for environmental protection.

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Dozens of Iraqi athletes reportedly have been executed since Uday Hussein became INOC president in 1984.
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