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Sunday, July 27
Updated: June 29, 1:15 PM ET
The Fifth Element

Lance Armstrong, right, says fifth Tour win was toughest.

The Latest
Tour de force: Armstrong finishes drive for five
Lance Armstrong won his hardest but sweetest Tour title Sunday -- a record-tying fifth straight victory.
Hood: Armstrong's best came last
Lance Armstrong never expected this race to come down to the last stage, but that's why it's special.
Ullrich must settle for second again
Because of Lance Armstrong's timing, Jan Ullrich could end up as the greatest cyclist to win just one Tour.
Carmichael: Tough to get Armstrong to hold back
Asking Lance Armstrong to hold himself back is like asking a bull not to charge at a red cape.
The List: Greatest individual streaks
In honor of Lance Armstrong's amazing fifth straight Tour de France win, the best individual streaks ever.
Kreidler: The struggle makes it great
It's been Lance Armstrong's toughest Tour de France ever, but Armstrong as a vulnerable leader has been the thing to see.
Setting the stage for a historic encounter
France eagerly awaits the showdown between Lance Armstron and Jan Ullrich.
Carmichael: Adaptation of the fittest
Elite cyclists are so well-conditioned that some of them can actually adapt during the race itself.
Hood: Another close call
Lance Armstrong delivered what could be the knockout, but not before he was knocked down one more time.
Armstrong needs to attack
For Lance Armstrong to win this year's Tour, he needs to attack Jan Ullrich in the Pyrenees.
Hood: Vulnerable leader
Usually calm, cool and collected, Lance Armstrong looked dazed after losing Friday's time trial.
Armstrong's going vertical
The Tour de France is moving into the Alps, where Lance Armstrong is expected to ascend to the top.
'Tough dude' Hamilton keeps plugging away
Four-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has described his former teammate Tyler Hamilton as a "tough dude" for riding with a broken collarbone.
At outset, Armstrong says Tour isn't a done deal
Lance Armstrong admits he's a favorite. But a certain Tour de France champ? Not yet.
Same team to back Armstrong
When it comes to the U.S. Postal Service team, the motto is if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

SportsCentury: Lance Armstrong
See SportsCentury's profile of Lance Armstrong on ESPN Classic: July 27 at 8 p.m. ET. Consult TV listings for additional air times.

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The Route
Prologue: 6.5 km, Saturday, July 5
Winner: Bradley McGee (Australia) | Results
Stage 1: 168 km, Sunday, July 6
Winner: Alessandro Petacchi (Italy) | Results
Stage 2: 204.5 km, Monday, July 7
Winner: Baden Cooke (Australia) | Results
Stage 3: 167.5 km, Tuesday, July 8
Winner: Alessandro Petacchi (Italy) | Results
Stage 4: 69 km Team TT, Wednesday, July 9
Winner: U.S. Postal Service | Results
Stage 5: 196.5 km, Thursday, July 10
Winner: Alessandro Petacchi (Italy) | Results
Stage 6: 230 km, Friday, July 11
Winner: Alessandro Petacchi (Italy) | Results
Stage 7: 230.5 km, Saturday, July 12
Winner: Richard Virenque (France) | Results
Stage 8: 219 km, Sunday, July 13
Winner: Iban Mayo (Spain) | Results
Stage 9: 184.5 km, Monday July 14
Winner: A. Vinokourov (Kazakhstan) | Results
Stage 10: 219.5 km, Tuesday, July 15
Winner: Jakob Piil (Denmark) | Results
Rest day: Wednesday, July 16
Transfer to Narbonne
Stage 11: 153.5 km, Thursday, July 17
Winner: Juan Antonio Flecha (Spain) | Results
Stage 12: 47 km Time Trial, Friday, July 18
Winner: Jan Ullrich (Germany) | Results
Stage 13: 197.5 km, Saturday, July 19
Winner: Carlos Sastre (Spain) | Results
Stage 14: 191.5 km, Sunday, July 20
Winner: Gilberto Simoni (Italy) | Results
Stage 15: 159.5 km, Monday, July 21
Winner: Lance Armstrong (U.S.) | Results
Rest day: Tuesday, July 22
Stage 16: 197.5 km, Wednesday, July 23
Winner: Tyler Hamilton (U.S.) | Results
Stage 17: 181 km, Thursday, July 24
Winner: Servais Knaven (Netherlands) | Results
Stage 18: 203.5 km, Friday, July 25
Winner: Pablo Lastras (Spain) | Results
Stage 19: 49 km Time Trial, Saturday, July 26
Winner: David Millar (Britain) | Results
Stage 20: 152 km, Sunday, July 27
Winner: Jean-Patrick Nazon (France) | Results
Total : 3427.5 km (2130 miles)