Official remains in critical condition

NEW YORK -- An Olympic track and field judge reported dead
by Millrose Games officials was twice resuscitated and hospitalized
Saturday in critical condition.

Ken Williamson, who was supposed to be the chief official for
the shot put, collapsed as he was arriving Friday at Madison Square

Meet officials later said Williamson, 74, had died. Marvin
Johnson, a jumps judge, also said his colleague was dead.

But Ken Carrick, the fiance of Williamson's daughter, Lori, said
defibrillators were used to revive him.

"He was taken from the Games after being momentarily revived
long enough to get to the hospital, where he was revived again,"
Carrick said Saturday.

Bellevue Hospital confirmed Williamson was in critical condition
at the cardiac critical care unit.

Williamson, from Long Branch, N.J., was a judge at the 1996
Atlanta Olympics.