Main venues finished a year before event

TURIN, Italy -- The agency in charge of construction for the
2006 Turin Olympics said Friday it had completed each of the venues
to be used for official test events this winter.
"For the first time in the history of the Olympics we have
completed the main venues a year before the event," Games
supervisor Mario Pescante said.
Agenzia Torino 2006, the building agency, said the bobsled track
in Cesana, which will also be used for skeleton and luge, was
receiving its first layer of ice.
The venue had fallen behind schedule when environmental problems
forced builders to move the track's location. The track's
completion required the work of a 20-man team that took turns in
two night shifts. The track will host World Cup races Jan. 20-23.
The ski jumping facility in Pragelato is also complete and will
host a World Cup event Feb. 11-12.
All of the venues for Alpine and Nordic skiing are also ready,
officials said.
The building agency said "final touches" were being made to
the Palavela arena in Turin that will host a short track skating
event Jan. 14-16 and the European figure skating championships Jan.
International Olympic Committee and other sports officials had
expressed worries that certain venues might not be completed in
The Turin Olympics are Feb. 10-26, 2006.