U.S. moves up after DQ for doping

LONDON -- Germany's Olympic team show jumping gold medal will go to the United States after the International Equestrian Federation announced it had disqualified rider Ludger Beerbaum and horse Goldfever for a doping offense.

Sweden will be awarded the silver, and Germany will drop to the
bronze because the sport's governing body erased Goldfever's
results from the Athens event.

"The Judicial Committee has agreed that the horse, Goldfever, and [Beerbaum] must be disqualified from the event and that all prizes and prize money won at the event must be forfeited," the FEI said in a statement on its Web site.

"The FEI will modify the team results at the Olympic Games based on a calculation of the team results as if (Beerbaum) and Goldfever had never participated in the Olympic Games."

Beerbaum can appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The rider -- who has denied cheating -- said the banned steroid
betamethasone was contained in an ointment used to treat a skin
irritation on the horse.

The Judicial Committee accepted that the banned substance was
connected to a legitimate medical treatment and that Goldfever
received no competitive advantage from it.

It also said Beerbaum had not tried to enhance the horse's
performance or gain any unfair advantage.

"Nevertheless, the [rider] has failed to ensure that Goldfever
has no prohibited substances in its systems during an international
event," the FEI said.