Six plead guilty in sale of thousands of fake wristbands

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Six people have pleaded guilty to charges
connected to the sale of thousands of phony LiveStrong wristbands
and have turned over almost $112,000 to the Lance Armstrong
Foundation, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office said Monday.

In March, undercover investigators bought 1,000 of the
counterfeit wristbands from a Manhattan storefront, authorities

Investigators said they found 81,000 more there and at a home in
Queens. Authorities said importer Eastlink International Inc.
distributed the wristbands to retailers around New York City.

The authentic wristbands sell for $1 each and help fund the
foundation based in Austin, Texas, that provides services to cancer
patients. The Armstrong foundation was started by the seven-time
Tour de France winner after he defeated testicular cancer.

Li Ping Liang Chen pleaded guilty to second-degree trademark
counterfeiting and was sentenced to pay $101,830 to the foundation.

Su Qin Weng and Ding Chai Ye both pleaded guilty to third-degree
trademark counterfeiting and were sentenced to pay $5,000 to the

Wei Hua Chen, the husband of Li Ping Liang, pleaded guilty to a
violation and was sentenced to seven days community service.

Su Ping Qu the husband of Su Qin Weng, pleaded guilty to a
violation and was sentenced to five days community service.

Xi Chen pleaded guilty to a violation and was sentenced to four
days of community service.

About 55 million real LiveStrong wristbands have been sold since
the campaign began in the spring of 2004.

In March, two retailers in Monroe County agreed to pay to pay
$12,000 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and $7,000 in civil
penalties for selling fake bands.