Schwarz cleared of human trafficking

VIENNA, Austria -- Former Olympic figure skating champion
Wolfgang Schwarz was acquitted Thursday of human trafficking.

Prosecutors had alleged the 58-year-old Schwarz brought two
Lithuanian women to Austria in 2004 to work as prostitutes and took
part of their pay. The 1968 gold medalist also had been charged
with getting another foreign woman a job at a bordello and
demanding a cut of her earnings.

In announcing the jury verdict, Judge Martina Krainz said the
court was letting Schwarz go free because of doubts about the
testimony against him.

"You had the luck of carrying out your dubious dealings with
people who are not a bit more trustworthy than you." Krainz told

Schwarz was convicted on similar trafficking charges in 2002,
when he admitted bringing five women from Russia and Lithuania to
Austria to work as prostitutes, although he insisted he had done it
only to help them.

He was sentenced in 2002 to 18 months in jail, but the sentence
was postponed because Schwarz was suffering from side effects of
treatment for skin cancer.