Schneider wants record erased because of doping

FRANKFURT, Germany -- Former East German Olympic swimming
champion Petra Schneider would like to wipe out her national record
because of doping.

Schneider still holds the 400-meter medley German mark of 4
minutes, 36.10 seconds, set in 1982, two years after she won an
Olympic gold medal in Moscow.

"My record was influenced by doping," Schneider told the
German television network ARD in a program aired Thursday. "It's a
record of the past. I'd like the current list to be reset at

Another former Olympic champion, Ute Geweniger, also conceded
that doping played a role in records set during East German times.
But she told the program Kontraste she wanted to keep her 200
medley German record because it also was based on "hard

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, East Germany's
systematic doping of its athletes became widely known.

In 1998, the International Olympic Committee rejected a proposal
to give United States and British swimmers the medals won by
drug-enhanced East Germans.

That included British Olympian Sharron Davies, the silver
medalist behind Schneider in 1980.

Davies said at the time that she had been told by Schneider that
she had been on drugs since the age of 14 and was suffering from
heart problems and other side effects.