IOC: Games can proceed

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- The IOC is pleased with the court decision barring female ski jumpers from the Vancouver Olympics, saying the Games can now proceed as planned.

The International Olympic Committee voted in 2006 not to include women's ski jumping at the 2010 Winter Olympics, contending the sport had not met requirements.

The women could appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, but their lawyer says it's too late, with the Olympics less than three months away.

"We understand the desire of athletes to compete at the highest level and we will continue to follow the development of women's ski jumping," the IOC said in a statement to The Canadian Press. "We remain open to considering its possible inclusion in the Games following Vancouver and support the continuing development of the sport."

The B.C. Court of Appeal was asked to overturn a lower court ruling acknowledging the women's rights were being violated, but solving the issue was beyond the control of Vancouver Olympic organizers.

"As the lower court noted, the IOC has continued to demonstrate by its actions its support for women athletes and their participation in the Olympic Games," the IOC said.