Iran's national team to train with NBA and NBADL teams in Utah

NEW YORK -- Iran's national basketball team has been invited by the NBA to train in Utah and play against NBA and NBADL teams in preparation for the Beijing Olympics.

Iran will take part in the Rocky Mountain Revue, the Utah Jazz-hosted summer league and will play four games. The team will also observe NBA team practices and talk to players and coaches about basketball.

"In an increasingly turbulent world, it is rewarding to bring people together to celebrate teamwork, discipline and respectful competition on the court," NBA commissioner David Stern said in a statement. "The NBA embraces the opportunity to welcome the Basketball Federation of Iran and the Iranian Olympic team in a demonstration of how something as simple as a game of basketball can promote understanding."

Iran will play two games against the NBA D-League Ambassadors, a team consisting of 10 players who competed in the developmental league last season, on July 17 and July 20 at The Factory -- the Utah Flash's practice facility. Iran will also face a Dallas Mavericks team on July 19 and a Utah Jazz squad on July 21, with both games at Salt Lake Community College.