Birdman x blood boards? Skateboards made with Tony Hawk's blood for sale

Liquid Death Mountain Water

What in the Tony Hawk?

The world of sports is a mysterious place, but I feel confident asserting you didn't wake up this morning expecting to be made aware of the possibility of purchasing a skateboard with the Birdman's blood in it. Yet, here we are.

The "Liquid Death Skateboard" is, in fact, infused with "100% real Tony Hawk" blood. According to Liquid Death's website, the water company -- who boasts the slogan "murder your thirst" -- is the only distributor in the world of skateboards infused with Hawk DNA. Which is probably the least shocking part of this development.

There are only 100 of the limited edition skateboards. A fact which also checks out because of the whole "limited blood supply" thing.

Two full vials of blood were drawn from Hawk to be mixed into the paint for the custom decks. "Tony's bled plenty on skate ramps before, so a little more blood for this wasn't a big deal," said a spokesperson from the brand.

And here I thought playing "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" was the closest one could get to the originator of the 900.

While statements on the company's website such as "OWN TONY HAWK'S BLOOD," and "EVERY DECK CONTAINS 100% REAL TONY HAWK DNA" are jarring, they seem legit. Each skateboard, which is screen-printed by hand in Southern California with a blood-infused graphic, also comes with a letter of authenticity and 10% of the proceeds from each board go toward helping kill plastic pollution in our oceans and building skateparks in underserved communities.

According to Tredo, the skateboards sold out within 20 minutes of availability.

Blood boards, so hot right now.