Winter Olympics 2022: Updates from the opening ceremonies in Beijing

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The Olympic Games got underway in Beijing with curling on Wednesday. On Friday, the opening ceremonies officially kick off the Winter Games just six months after the Summer Games -- which were delayed a year by the coronavirus pandemic -- came to a close in Tokyo.

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The opening ceremonies are traditionally a showcase for the host country, and the theme is "Together for a Shared Future." According to the hosts, the motto is representative of the mission to "reflect the necessity for the world to work together towards a better tomorrow, especially given the difficulties faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic" and to pursue "world unity, peace and progress."

Beijing becomes the first city to host both a Winter Olympics and a Summer Olympics, which it did in 2008. According to the IOC, 2,871 athletes representing 91 national Olympic committees will take part in the Games. Team USA comprises 225 athletes who will be representing 31 states.

Here are some updates from the opening ceremonies:

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