Beijing Olympic medalist Jan Scherrer loses funny bet with wife

Switzerland snowboarder Jan Scherrer shows off a new tattoo drawn by his wife after winning bronze at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games Jan Scherrer / Instagram

Before Swiss snowboarder Jan Scherrer went to Beijing for his third Olympics in February, he made an agreement with his wife, Sasha. If he were to win a medal in Beijing, something he hadn't done in either of his previous two Olympic Games, he would have to get whatever tattoo she wanted.

"I thought, 'Well if I end up in the top three, I'm not going to care about anything anyway,' so I said yes," Scherrer said this week in an Instagram video.

As fate would have it, the now-28-year-old Scherrer earned the bronze medal in the halfpipe, and eight months later he made good on his promise to his wife. And, as any self-respecting partner would do, Sasha took full advantage of that "whatever she wanted" part of the bet.

Using all of her art skills, Sasha sketched out the tattoo depicting Scherrer as a nose-less and pants-less -- yet undeniably joyful -- snowboarder wearing an Olympic-themed sweater and a party hat with "#3" under a banner that reads "Good but not the best." Frame this in the Louvre, indeed.

As a reminder, this (hilariously perfect) masterpiece will permanently be on Scherrer's right leg for the rest of his life. To quote Sasha from a video of her seeing the tattoo for the first time, "Oh my god. Wow."