Shot-putter runs 100m hurdles to save Belgium from DQ

Belgium shot put and hammer throw champion Jolien Boumkwo displayed great team spirit at the European Championships in Poland when she stepped up to run the 100-meter hurdles and save her team from getting disqualified.

Boumkwo appeared all smiles as she carefully attempted each hurdle Saturday. The 29-year-old finished the race without knocking any of the hurdles down in 32.81 seconds, 19 seconds after winning sprinter Teresa Errandonea of Spain.

Boumkwo agreed to compete when Belgium's two hurdlers had to pull out with injuries. Had no Belgian athlete competed in the event, the team would have been disqualified.

She was applauded by the crowd and congratulated by her opponents as she earned two points for the team.

The points could be crucial as the bottom three countries will be relegated from Division I.