Olympic Wrap Up
When the flame went out in Beijing, atheltes posted 43 world records and 132 Olympic records. The U.S. led the medal count with 110 overall.
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Bye, Bye Beijing

The Beijing Olympics came to a close, but how do you make sense of a whirlwind 17 days? Our experts recap the winners and losers, the highs and lows.

Memorable Moments

Michael Phelps' Great 8. Team USA redeeming the dream. U.S. softball's upsetting finale. Those are a few of our memorable moments from the Games. Here are more. Gallery

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Medal Tracker

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
USA36 38 36 110
CHN51 21 28 100
RUS23 21 28 72
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Elizabeth Merrill

There may be no way to sum up the Games, the absolute worst and best of Hugh McCutcheon's life, other than to say he's now an Olympic champ. Story

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